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I have had many comments regarding needle sizes used for my patterns. Unless I specify, feel free to use any size needle you are comfortable with. A picture pattern may show up better with a smaller needle if you are a loose knitter. I am a loose knitter so I tend to us a US 3 or US 4 sized needle. But there is no gauge with a dishcloth and most cloths will use no more that a ball of cotton yarn regardless of needle size. Also the size of the dishcloth will vary depending on your knitting style and needle size. Also blocking your cloth may also help the picture or words to stand out better.

I am also willing to take requests for dishcloth pattern ideas. I am always learning and I am willing to try anything at least once. Feel free to email me at gimpykatk@aol.com. Please put pattern request in subject line so I can read it right away. And please remember to leave a way for me to contact you if I am able to create your request.

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My picture taking abilities are not always the best so if you make one of my patterns and get a better picture, I'd love to see it and maybe use it as the example photo.

If you are not a knitter and would rather have a finished knitted cloth of any of these patterns I am also glad to knit them up for you. Contact me for prices and shipping, as they may vary depending on the number of cloths ordered.

Thank you for visiting my blog and looking at my first sets of original patterns.

Aunt Kathy

December 26, 2007

The Raven

The Raven

© Kathleen Brundige December 2007

CO 35
Row 1-4- Knit across
Row 5- K3, P29, K3
Row 6 and all even- Knit across
Row 7- K3, P13, K9, P7, K3
Row 9- K3, P12, K11, P6, K3
Row 11- K3, P16, K1, P3, K1, P8, K3
Row 13- K3, P1, K6, P8, K2, P2, K2, P8, K3
Row 15- K3, P3, K6, P5, K3, P1, K3, P8, K3
Row 17- K3, P4, K17, P8, K3
Row 19- K3, P7, K16, P6, K3
Row 21- K3, P9, K16, P4, K3
Row 23- K3, P10, K17, P2, K3
Row 25- K3, P11, K16, P2, K3
Row 27- K3, P13, K15, P1, K3
Row 29- K3, P15, K13, P1, K3
Row 31- K3, P17, K11, P1, K3
Row 33- K3, P20, K8, P1, K3
Row 35- K3, P22, K6, P1, K3
Row 37- K3, P18, K10, P1, K3
Row 39- K3, P22, K6, P1, K3
Row 41- K3, P23, K4, P2, K3
Row 43- K3, P29, K3
Row 44-47- Knit across

***Note I adapted this pattern into an Intarsia method, my first try. Basically what I did was I substituted the Knit stitches on the Odd numbered rows with a second color of cotton using a bobbin. I also repeated the sequence on the even numbered rows inbetween. I did the entire cloth is stockinette stitch instead of knitting and purling to establish the pattern. I may try to knit it up again using the pattern as written only using the different color as the knit stitch and maybe also using the second color for the border as well. If anyone is an intarsia knitter and would like to try tis and send me a photo I'd be ever so grateful.


susanmark said...

HI , I love the new patterns. I am definately going to do the snowball scarf.

How are you feeling? Better I hope.

Are you still taking pattern requests? No hurry, but IF you'd do a fat cardinal for me< I'd really appreciate it. Em's dead wife's fav bird was a cardinal. A cardinal jumped on her windowledge the day she passed away. Some of his family believes she's been reincarnated as a cardinal. I don't believe in reincarnation but...
When he took me to Niagara Falls, I only saw one bird. It was a cardinal. One pm after taking baby John home, I was starting to cry and a cardinal flew right in front of the car. It landed in the road right in front of the car !!!! It didn't fly away until just b/f I would have hit it. I felt like she was telling me not to cry.

hugs and thank you

Knit+i+tron said...

i love this pattern! thanks for sharing it!

intarsia kicks my butt. i just cant master it :(

btw, i just realized that I had my own aunt kathy..small world